5 Ways On How To Use Mirrors In Home Decoration

Mirrors have been around for a long long time. They bring a sense of personal reflection and comparative identity. Over time mirrors have had a myriad of uses; from art, beauty, design to symbols of prestige in luxurious hotels and other high end establishments.

However, how can you incorporate mirror decor in your own living space? Using the mirror in interior design is not as complicated task. Although, I would say it is not an easy task to achieve a magnificent look from a well designed yet correctly placed mirror. Hence, making the mirror the focal point of your living space brings out style, elegance and and lifts up the emotion in the room.

  1. The Statement piece

A carefully selected decorative mirror can be used as a statement object in a room especially the living room or the hallway. The mirror should be preferably large and designed as a piece of art. Creating a point of interest even on the walls of transition areas such as hallways.


Photo taken from LUXDECO website


2. Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors make a room appear more elegant, soothing and sophisticated. Using the mirror to decorate a room has no rules. It is essential to choose a mirror that is in taste with the rooms decorations. Place the mirrors at a position that gets most attention in your living space.


Photo belongs to CITYUC.COM

3. Space Enlarging Mirrors

Mirrors have unique way of making small rather confined spaces visually appear larger than they really are. To achieve that amazing look the secret is to make sure they reflect good views. Additionally, mirrors also add light to a space making it look brighter. For the bedroom, sliding mirror doors installed in the right way to reflect both the ceiling and the floor creates a master piece surrounding feeling the ambiance.


Photo belongs to houzz

4. Garden view mirrors

These mirrors are strategically positioned to bring the outdoor indoor. Use large floor mirrors placed on the opposite side of wide glass windows and doors.


Photo is a property of Houzz website

5. Dining Room Mirrors

The dining room remains to be the most suitable are to have mirrors in the house. These mirrors should be classy in style wide but not too wide. It is essential to ensure that the mirror reflects the atmosphere of the room. Have in mind the taste of other decorations including flower vases, art and the wall colour.


Photo belongs to Interiorish

Personally I love mirrors. How do you like your mirrors; in the living room, hallway or bathroom. Do you prefer wide mirrors or smaller mirrors. Lets keep the conversation going in the comment box below. Feel to share more ideas on mirrors too.


The Modern Kitchen


Just like a moth draws to the light, we all love the kitchen. Its the place in our house where we prepare the sumptuous mouth watering meals we enjoy everyday. A space so important to our lives; but more often forgotten during interior design. How ironical! It suffices to say that the kitchen should be the most appreciated space in our homes. In retrospect, more attention should be put to this unavoidable space.

Some might argue that if you can prepare food in it,then it can be called a kitchen. I beg to differ. Simplicity and neglect are very different. Most people neglect the kitchen. Houses end up having tiny squashed rooms they brand as the the kitchen. Talk of things placed in all manner of directions, literally  resulting in a state of confusion.

How then should your kitchen look like? What should it contain? Where do you place every piece and equipment? These are the questions that we should be asking ourselves. The kitchen space serves us in more ways that we can imagine. The design of the modern houses have brought fourth a myriad of kitchen designs to choose from. These designs bring out the house great beauty and a feeling of completeness. A form of expression in beauty elegance and style. The appreciation to the space that keeps us going.

The Modern Kitchen Designs

Below are pictures of the modern contemporary kitchen designs to choose from. Some of these designs are simple and can be applied to any house no matter the size.


A touch  of wood gives the kitchen a simple but elegant look.


The white color makes the kitchen space look bigger for a smaller kitchen. The granite top is a simple way to add sophistication to a simple kitchen.


L shape kitchen design. A common design made to stand out by the subtle pink colour.


A lovely kitchen design. All the vital equipment are with reach from the center of the kitchen. The while top contrast with the blue dominant colour result in beautiful little haven peace.

The Right Floor for your dream house


Making the decision on the type of flooring for your house can be a task in itself. The right floor will go a long way in turning your house into a comfortable and unique space. It is essential to use the type of floor that complements the colors and most important your desires for that perfect look. You need different floor types for different areas of your house. Just how do you decide which floor goes where? This article is tailored to help you make the right choice for the floor in your house.

here are a myriad of floor material on the market. For instance hardwood, laminate, tile,vinyl, and carpet. All these materials have different properties to put into consideration.




For starters, let us take a look at hardwood. A floor that has been with us since time immemorial. A favorite to many to many to say the least. It possess excellent durability, has a warm and natural feeling. Hardwood floors come in different styles that you can choose from. The designs include plank, parquet and prefinished boards that are easy to install. hardwood is perfect for a classy look. One that is timeless. In addition to that, you can refurnish hardwood up to 6 times. It is also possible to change the sheen of hardwood to match a newly decorated floor.It is hard to go wrong with hardwood. Hardwood is guaranteed to give that authentic timeless look that never fails to impress.



Secondly, laminate floors are common on the market. They are easy to install compared to hardwood and are relatively cheaper. Laminate floors comprise of a variety of wood materials that are laminated together. Then topped up with a wood grain photographic imprint. Laminate floor give the feel and texture of real wood. In fact, some are actually engineered in away that the top surface is real wood. The engineered laminate floors are more expensive. Laminate floors can be used in the bathroom and kitchen; places where hardwood cannot be used.



The most popular choice is porcelain. It is a natural stone such as marble, granite or slate. Ceramic, stone and mosaic are also available.It is stylish and cost effective. It is easier to maintain compared to marble. Porcelain tiles are available in different styles, hues, textures and finishes. They are appropriate for areas with heavy traffic. Tiles allow you to explore your creativity, ideas and designs. Tiled floors are suitable for areas that are bound to get wet such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.



Carpet floor is good for are such as bedrooms and TV rooms. They are warm and comfortable. Carpet floors come in tremendous designs. Carpets can be combined with all the other floors to achieve at stylish yet comfortable space in your house.



A perfect choice for rooms that get wet regularly such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Vinyl is much softer on the underfoot that tiles. It is also easy to clean and come in a variety of colors. It is less expensive and can be installed on top of most floor types. It is important to note that the thicker the rolls are the more durable the floor will be.

Home Decor: Wallpapers

Wallpapers are a great way to get that state of the art enchanting, calm and inviting look in a home. Getting the right mood for each room or space is way more than just painting the walls. I know most have walked into a beautifully designed Hotel room or lobby. The aura of such breathtaking magnificently and well decorated space, caught your eye, your heart calmed and for a second everything else didn’t matter. Just the beauty of such a lovely space.

Affordable prefabricated houses now in Kenya read more on the blog post

A room Decorated in beautiful wallpapers

A room Decorated in beautiful wallpapers

Of course there is a lot that goes to make such spaces appear as glamorous as they do. Definitely interior designers were put up to task to ensure everything went as planned and the results as perfect as they should be. They probably had sleepless nights and tiresome days. But one certain feature of such amazing places or rooms is the wallpaper used on the walls. Wall covers provide the best way to style a home. Wallpapers offer flexibility since they can be put up during certain seasons or when changing the look of your home, office or that lovely outdoor space.

black and white wallpaper in stock.0711933944

Posted by Wallpaper centre interior designers on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

There are a myriad designs of wallpapers to choose from. The wallpaper designs range from patterned to plain, muted to multicolored, metallic to textured, holographic to photographic. Wall covers vary in color, texture and more importantly quality. Wall papers give you the freedom to make your personal choice when decorating your home or office. There is a wall cover you like love to have in your house. Make that personal statement about you and your space and clearly distinguish your style from the rest.

Next I explore how to choose the right wall paper.

Prefabricated homes-Affordable and Reliable

Prefab Building Technology

Prefabricated building technology was introduced in Kenya to address the high cost of housing and  reduce the construction time. The technology involves building using pre-manufactured panels made by combining a variety of elements and materials.  The panels are manufactured in the factory by combining steel, concrete, polystyrene and at times wood panels. The panels are joined by screws. They also allow flexibility as one can use the for nearly all house designs: Bungalows, storey houses and even taller buildings up to a certain number of floors. They are safe, affordable very durable. They are meant to change housing in the country and especially for the middle and lower-income earners. Prefab Housing could be the key solution to housing and home ownership.

A Prefab House in Kenya

A Prefab House in Kenya

State of Housing Sector In Kenya

Home ownership continues to be illusion for many in Kenya. Potential home owners especially the  middle and lower-income earners are faced with high property prices coupled with the highest mortgage rates. The highest in the region and even other countries in the world. The dream of being a home owner is crumbled and tumbled on by absurd land prices and expensive building material. In retrospect there not much that has changed over the past 10 years and moreover nothing is going to make the situation better in the near future. The banks will not just lower the mortgage rates neither will the land prices come down. Contrary to that, the value of land appreciate with time and development. All this factors work together and finally make home ownership a mirage. A desire. Just that. No matter what one does. You either cough the high prices or be the landlord’s slave year in year out.

Become a home owner

This technology is here to help many Kenyans become home owners. The technology has been proved to reduce the cost of building by 30%-40%. It is even better as the prefabricated panels can be found in Kenya. No importation charges and hustles thanks to the National Housing Corporation which has now licensed factories to produce the panels locally. All one needs to do is buy the panels. The foundation and floor of the house is commenced. The joining of panels should take 14-21 days.

Citizens and property developers are urged to embrace this new technology. Its affordable and takes lesser time to complete a project using prefab technology compared to conventional brick and mortar construction popular in Kenya. This technology is said to be safe and durable. Make your dream of owning your home become a reality. Embrace technology.

Nairobi’s Housing Demand Still On the Rise

A high rise housing complex in Nairobi Kenya

A high rise housing complex in Nairobi Kenya

The Demand of Housing in Kenya Continues To Rise As Property Prices Hit the Sky Limit

The housing sector in Kenya and in particular Nairobi continues to grapple with increasing demand in housing units. This is due to the increasing population in the capital and its environs. Statistics show the demand in housing at 200,000 units yearly yet the supply is only at 50, 000 units. The difference in supply and demand in housing in Nairobi has been a pain in the country’s property and real estate sector.

There has been a growing demand in housing due to urban migration, growth in population and expatriates demand of local housing. Reports indicate that there is an alarming real estate bubble in the country. Though this bubble has been deemed misplaced by the chairman of CBK; Prof Ndung’u. He says “The middle –aged group is not buying housing units in urban areas in order to resell. They buy to generate income and bequeath them as inheritance”.

The relationship between demand and supply in a free economy greatly influences the prices of products and services. The shortage of supply in housing units compared to the ever increasing demand has resulted in increased cost of housing units in the country. This deficit is estimated to be at accumulative figure of two million units.

Land as prime resource in property development has become very expensive in the capital. This in particular drives the property prices to increase. The lower income earners are unable to afford property at this market prices. Though there is less property built for this segment of the market. The property developers lock out this section of the market due to low return on investment. Sighting the high cost of building material and of course cost of land.

There is good news for the middle and lower income earners. The government has announced the development of low cost building technology centers to address the high cost of construction.This new building technologies can reduce the cost of building by 30%. The property developers are urged to embrace this new technologies to ensure that housing prices come down. They have also been advised to address the high cost of land by increasing the number of units built on a piece of land. They should bring up at least 100-150 units on 2.5 acres piece of land.

The supply can only be increased if drastic measures are taken. Otherwise the state of housing will continue to worsen. The government in particular has a lot to do to ensure this happens.

How TO Rent A House In Nairobi

Finding the right place to rent a house in Nairobi can be an uphill task for most potential tenants. Today we take look at the factors and things to consider when renting the right property to live in. Yow will come to realize it is not entirely difficult as detailed on the rightmove website.

This an image of houses in Nairobi. This photo is a property of Stay Now

This an image of houses in Nairobi. This photo is a property of Stay Now

Because I do understand how busy you are, I will make it as short as possible and just list them;

  1. As a tenant you have needs that you need then to be taken care of. Therefore list all the features you need your soon to rent house should have. This will ensure that you do not settle for a property or a house that does not cater for your requirements.
  2. Your lifestyle. The standard of living will determine the type of house to rent. For instance you will choose to live in an apartment and not a flat because you want to maintain a certain standard of living. Lifestyle also determines the location of your house. A house in the upmarket suburb will definitely cost more to rent compared to one in lower income estates. But all the same all this depends on how pocket or bank loaded you are.
  3. If you are living alone then, a small place in a good location not far from the town center will be appropriate for you. But if you have a family, and now depending with the size of your family, find a house that is bigger and able to accommodate all your family. Caution though! Do not get a house with more than necessary rooms. You still pay for the unoccupied rooms in your house. So why get extra?
  4. How far is your work place from your desired rent location? Lets face if, living closer to your office or place of work saves us a lot of hustle and bustle too from work. Also you can just walk to work. Traffic in Nairobi is crazy and adamantly annoying at times. Find a house closer to your office.
  5. The security of your new place is of essence. Security is very paramount when it comes to your own safety and the safety of your property. Secure places can be found. Do not be in rush to move out of your current house unless you know for sure that you do have a good location with good security. You can find out the most secure estates in Nairobi and with that you can make a more informed decision of where to rent a house. There are expert housing agents in Nairobi to help with that too.
  6. Do you have a car? If you do then finding a house that has a secure parking for your car is vital to you and your car. You will need a rental property with this provision because you do not wish do park your car on the road side unless you want to be buying new side mirrors every week.
Houses in an Estate in Nairobi. Photo is a property of Nairobi|Kaboxi

Houses in an Estate in Nairobi.
Photo is a property of Nairobi|Kabozi

  1. One other thing to consider is if you can share the house with someone else. This of course will work for those without family and preferably in campus or just graduated and have just been employed. Sharing a place will mean you guys can share bills with your housemate. But also it’s really important to know the person you are moving in together well. You do not want to come and find all your stuff missing. Or maybe someone could be very difficult to live with due to their behaviors. But it can be a good way of cost sharing if you get the right person.

Well I do wish you well in finding the right place yourself. If you have more questions don’t shy away from asking. Bring them on.

Getting A new office: What to consider

This a picture of an office block in Nairobi Kenya. Nairobi is establishing itself as a regional business and IT hub. The photo is a property of Architect.Nairobi

This a picture of an office block in Nairobi Kenya. Nairobi is establishing itself as a regional business and IT hub. The photo is a property of Architect.Nairobi

What to consider when getting office space

There are a number of reasons why you may be looking for office space. This could range from simple reasons such as relocation of business, expansion of business, coming up with new branch/regional offices for the business, restructuring of the of business operations and departmentalization and finally for a new venture.

The office is a space enclosed or otherwise that allows operations of an organization to be carried out without interruptions. Whether yours is a small business or large and established business the office is an essential part of your operations. In other words the office is the heart of the business. And it is very important that you get the right and suitable office for your type of business. With that in mind, I have detailed the factors to consider when getting office space for both buyers and those wishing to rent.

  • Location

The location of your office is vital to both the business and your customers. You want to be at place where your employees are able get to the office without too much hustle. A place where you can get access to infrastructure such as roads, electricity, water and definitely internet service and connection because communication is a key part of any business. The importance of business office location cannot be over emphasized. Below are factors to consider when selecting an office location:

This a picture of an office plan in Nairobi.  This image is a property of Architect.Nairobi

This a picture of an office plan in Nairobi.
This image is a property of Architect.Nairobi

  1. Cost of property in the area in terms of buildings and land
  2. Availability of qualified skilled people
  3. Ease of access to raw materials and other support services
  4. Quality or availability of infrastructure
  5. The nature of business operations and activities
  6. Market availability and accessibility
  7. Proximity to similar or related businesses
  8. The surrounding environment
  9. The government policies affecting the area
  • Accessibility

Your business should be in location where it can be accessed from various directions and using different means of transport. Both clients using public or private transport should be able to come to your office with minimum struggle. This will ensure continued client flow to your business and of course faster and better movement of products to and from your business.

  • Cost

The price of the office has a great deal to do with the choice of office. Can you afford the that particular office; you don’t want to acquire an office you cannot pay for or maintain, then a few months later you are crawling back to where you had come from. That sincerely you and I both know is unacceptable. The cost will influence your location of the office. Office in the CBD always tend to be more expensive. Top notch luxury offices are very expensive. Depending with how your business is loaded in terms of finances, you can chose these flashy office spaces. Though if you are looking for a medium budget office, you will also find some property that offers you value for money. You could actually involve the services offered by realtors and property dealers to get value for money and avoid mistakes and a waste of time and money.

  • Size and type of business

The size of the office space you chose will depend on a number of factors. First how big is your personnel team? A big team will require a larger floor area to be able to work comfortable and in suitable conditions while a smaller group will occupy a smaller floor are comfortably. The other factor is the type of activities your business handles. A factory or warehouse will require a larger floor area compared to an IT based company.

You want your office in a location where there is good road network for transportation. Electricity and water availability with minimum interruptions. Infrastructure is an external factor to the business and it’s beyond your control. So please choose an office in an area that has good infrastructure as this will save you time and the endless trips to the relevant government institutions that provide this services.

  • Surrounding environment

A healthy environment will ensure that your employees work in better conditions. This cumulatively translates to better results from your personnel since the time spent being out for sick offs or related issues is reduced. And of course this means they more time in the office working.

  • Image

Your company’s brand is very important to you and your clients. Hence the image you have built over the years cannot be compromised when acquiring a new office. Be careful to get office space that befits your company’s status. With this I do not mean the size but the impression it gives in terms of quality of the building, interior decorations and design. This will ensure that you protect status.


Mozambique's R&B star G2.

The sensational soft spoken and eloquent R n B guru from Mozambique graced the Coke Studio Africa season 3 with his beautiful, well-modulated, silvery, soft spoken and smoky voice. Simply an incredibly and an amazing voice. G2 is the Usher of Mozambique and soon to become the most celebrated gifted and talented Africa’s R n B artist. I could not stop listening to his songs. His voice is addictive. The kind of art in music and performance that come by once in several decades. I promise you that you will not be disappointed checking out this dudes songs on YouTube, sound cloud, amazon and many other sites that stock his songs.

Photo of G2, R&B artist from Mozambique

Photo of G2, R&B artist from Mozambique

G2 stands out as the most popular musician and artist from Mozambique and by extension Angola. He is an IT Engineer with a degree in Telecommunication and IT Engineering. He does not stop there, the 30-year-old star holds a Masters Degree in Information Systems Management. Has been in the music industry for 6 years and believe or not 4 albums under his record and with more than 3 hit songs in his album. G2 could not hide his happiness for being n Kenya and more so Coke Studio doing a Marsh up with Uganda’s Hip hop star and legend Navio. He was enchanted to be at Coke Studio season 3 with East Africa’s most celebrated hip hop artist.

G2 says he is the happiest artist back in his country. He stands out from most of the other musicians who do Marabenta music by specializing in R&B. He does not shy away from telling us Kenyans and Other African citizens to learn Portuguese. G2 is quite good at speaking English and well I was pleased for someone who learnt the language as a second language. His presence on social media is felt in Mozambique, owing to the fact that he is the artist with most followers on Facebook.

It’s amazing how G2 does well in whatever he sets his eyes and passion on. It suffices to say that despite being an artist and in that case hit maker, G2 is also a successful entrepreneur. He co-owns a production company (G&G) with singer Gabriela too from Mozambique. He owns his own music label GMUSIC Records with his friend and business partner: Leonel Tuto, a former Big Brother Contestant.

G2’s has a series of awards from Mozambique, his biography details some of the awards he has “He won four awards from Mozambique Music Awards in 2011 for Best R&B/Soul, Best Duet, Best Male Artist and Best Album of The Year. He has
worked with several artists as a music director, producer and songwriter. Artists such as
Stewart Sukuma, Lizha James, Dama do Bling, Gabriela, Mimae, Da Les , Celma Ribas and
many more.”

Clearly he is Africa’s gem yet to transverse across the African continent. An artist to reckon with.

You can find G2’s music from the sites below.

G2 Feat. Da Les – Spend My Money – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiVCUzMeAAM
G2 – Forget About Tomorrow – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WIaqUuTYwE
ITUNES – http://bit.ly/G2itunes


The sensational King of Bongo artist had a lot to say during the coke studio season 3 recording in Nairobi including why he took time from music to concentrate on family and business. The most celebrated East Africa’s Tanzania’s very own star is a  happy family man. The Cinderella hit make is a happy father of three lovely kids.

Though he values his privacy, it’s clear that the bongo star is proud of of his children and consequently loves and cherishes them. He reiterates he took time to learn how to be a good dad. Family is indeed vital and there is nothing worth more precious than having time with family. I wish him well as a dad and family man. Below are some photos of him and family from social media.

Ali Kiba and his family and a friend.

Ali Kiba and his family and a friend.

Ali Kiba and His Son Junior

Ali Kiba and His Son Junior

The award winning star who is by the way well expressed, said he took time off to do business. Despite being good at what he does a singer, song writer and producer, he says he also loves to engage in business as it provides an alternative form of income in case music does not pay anymore.I love the fact that he takes his music as a business product that has to be branded in the best possible way to appeal to the ‘clients’ or rather his fans. The hit maker just released his video Chekecha that was filmed in South Africa.